Main Coffee Growing Areas of India

  The traditional coffee growing regions in India are the three southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu which produce 98% of the country's coffee. The Western Ghats, a rugged chain of mountains along the western part of India, forms the backbone of India's coffee industry. Coffee acquires its rich flavour from the different flora that exists in the forest.  
  India‚Äôs coffee growing regions have diverse climatic conditions, which are well suited for cultivation of different varieties of coffee. Some regions with high elevations are ideally suited for growing Arabicas of mild quality while those with warm humid conditions are best suited for Robustas.  
  Advantages of Coffee  
  In today's ever-globalizing society, not only is business conducted at all hours of the day (or night), but you're expected to be perky, peppy and happy at all times. So Coffee is natural drink that gives you high energy all the time.  
  Coffee Antioxidants
  Coffee is full of healthy antioxidants. It has been said to be an American's largest source of antioxidants; with bananas coming only in the second. Our favorite morning beverage is naturally rich with polyphenols, powerful molecules that prevent the damage caused to our bodies by those infamous "free radicals."  
  Health food
  Coffee is a mixture of things and grows in nature. It is made from the bean of a plant. The vitamin that appears in the highest amount is niacin. This is one of the B-Vitamins and may be called B-3 or nicotinic acid. Coffee hence is a health food as it contains high amounts of Vitamin B-3. So it is a myth that Coffee is bad for health.  
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